Friday, September 20, 2013

What a Relief!

Our big project today was making a relief map of California. Although the students know about the four regions, the topography of the state is still a little unclear to them. A relief map makes it clearer. We began by discussing relief maps like this one from the UC San Diego.

So after reviewing the idea of a relief map, the students took a blank map of California and marked the major areas on it. They then began to apply a flour and salt putty.


After some hard work and a little silliness, the results were quite good.


Other than this, a pretty normal Friday with the usual spelling tests, reading test, writing assessments and the like. We did, of course, take our usual trip to the library, too.

Homework:  (1) Do the Deserts/Rain Forest review paper. (2) Read the Social Studies Week 2 paper and do the activities on the back page. (3) Do pages 80-82 and 84-85 in the math book.

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