Monday, September 09, 2013

New and Old

We spent more of today finishing up our writing projects and binding them into books. Many of them are just amazing! But we did a few fun out-of-the-classroom things, too. For example, we went to Music class where the amazing Ms. Moran helped us create a rondo using the old song “Make New Friends” and creating rhythmic interludes on using the tonic and dominant notes. Our students did really well!


Then we went off to the auditorium for an anti-bullying assembly. As usual, room 19 students happily volunteered.


Homework: (1) Do spelling words 1-5. Write each word ten times and write a sentence for each. Sort the spelling words on the paper provided. (2) Do the skill and study sheets for Island of the Blue Dolphins. These are “Cause and Effect,” “Meaning Through Context” and “Remembering Details.” (3) Do pages 57-59 in the math book. Also do the “Two Times One 1” multiplication practice paper.

Please come to Back to School Breakfast tomorrow. You can see some of your child’s work and will be able to sign up for November conferences.

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