Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Cause and Effect

Welcome back! I hope everybody had a nice three or four day weekend. Just a reminder that we will also have this Thursday off school as well in commemoration of Rosh Hashanah. Alas, no more breaks after that until Veterans’ Day in November.

We started off the day in Tech Center. The students worked on both their online research and Microsoft Word skills with Mr. Riko.


After this, we returned to the classroom where we looked at the Multiflow Map. This is designed to help students visualize cause and effect.

The students created their Multiflow Map on “My Amazing Future.” They then wrote a rough draft about what they would achieve, how they would achieve it, and how this in turn would affect their lives.

After recess, the students went to Mr. Pratt for Theater Arts class. They focused this week on improving their pantomime skills, and also learning to add emotional intensity to their mimes. They did a variety of activities including statues, walkabouts, and acting out stories.


After lunch, we listened to another chapter of Island of the Blue Dolphins and we briefly reviewed subtraction with zeros.

Homework:  (1) Be sure that the final drafts are finished for the first five Thinking Maps. The topics are “All About Me,” “My Character,” “My Friend and I,” “My Perfect Day,” and “My Stuff.” (2) Do the three worksheets on Island of the Blue Dolphins. They are “Getting the Main Idea,” “Fact and Opinion,” and “Remembering Details.” (3) Do pages 42-43 in the math book odd numbers only. (4) Do Middle Zeros 1 practice sheet even numbers only.

There is no spelling this week as there are only three days.

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