Monday, May 05, 2008

Mellow Monday

A pleasant, but uneventful day. We did all the usual things - reading, math, history, and physical education. Mr. Lawton worked with the students on a couple lessons including music. Everything well very smoothly.

I was not able to attend the Havana Nights celebration this weekend - I went to a graduation at Azusa Pacific University that evening - but I understand it was well attended and that a few room 19 parents were there.

: (1) Do worksheet on prepositional phrases. Students may write on this paper today. (2) Do the Expanded Form and Adding and Subtracting Fractions. (3) Do "Water for Thirsty Land" study sheet. (4) Do "Circles," Math page 535, all problems. (5) Make an accompaniment for the Cloud Song for Mr. Lawton.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Magnetism Works even through Water!

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After Gladiators

Well, after all the wild cheering and jumping up and down at yesterday's field trip to American Gladiators, it was nice to come back to a calm, quiet classroom. At least it was for the teachers....

It was a very ordinary day. We did language artsand math in the morning. We worked on the writing section of the Open Court test. This one, a diary entry about surviving lost in the woods, is a little more interesting than the average OCR test prompt. In math, Mr. Lawton is working to help the students understand the idea of degrees in a circle and angles. It's easy stuff once you finally get it, but it is not particularly intuitive. Fourth graders typically struggle with this for a while.

We talked and read about the early water projects in California such as the Imperial Valley and Los Angeles Aquaducts. We also played some softball, getting into our own Spring training.

Home Studies: (1) Do the Wordsearch/Spelling Jumble and the Crossword Puzzle. Both of these are direct preparation for the test. In fact, they're the words from the test! (2) Do the Perimeter/Area and Algebra review sheets.