Friday, September 27, 2013

Light and Dark

Friday, as usual, was devoted to the usual bunch of assessments. I will get them into the grade book over the weekend. We revised our favorite journal topic of the week. We took a spelling test. We took reading and math quizzes.

After recess, we spent some more time with our bugs. The students this time tried to isolate light and dark as preferred environments for the isopods and beetles.


They did this by creating little sun shelters for the runways and observing whether the creatures stayed in the light or gravitated towards the dark.


We also started work on a new music project today – a rhythm “machine.” More on that next week.

We ended the day with a fire drill. The students were completely bored while the adults tried to make the sound system work.


Homework:  (1) Do the “Isopods and Beetles” study guide. (2) Complete, if needed, the Quick Review and Problem of the Day. (3) Do pages 124-125 in the math book. This is on order of operations – one of the trickier chapters in the book. Unfortunately, because of the fire drill, we didn’t get to spend as much time on this in class as I would have liked.

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