Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Hard to Focus

Today felt a little unfocused. This was the annual CELDT (California English Language Development Test). Not many of our students had to take it, but a few went to Mrs. Choi who administered it and a number of her students came to our class to do independent work. We tried to keep the focus on our reading and writing activities, but it was harder with people coming in and out of the room.

Today was also the first day of our students going to orchestra. We had a large group after recess go for violin. While they were there, we measured our plants again. Wow! Have they grown!


We then read a chapter from the social studies book about California’s natural resources.

In the afternoon, we listened to a chapter from Island of the Blue Dolphins. We checked our math homework. We had a short PE time (though we skipped some of the exercises because of the heat).

We sent home a family information form today to help our room mom communicate better with the class. If needed, please make any corrections and then sign and return it by Tuesday. If all the forms are back by Tuesday, we will have a pizza party on September 13.

To all those who celebrating the holiday tomorrow, l’shanah tovah!

Homework:  (1) Do the Natural Resources study sheet. (2) Do Subtracting Across Middle Zeros 2. (3) Do pages 44-46  and 48-49 in the math book.

There will be a math chapter test Friday as well as a subtraction quiz. There will be no spelling or reading tests.

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