Thursday, September 19, 2013

Drawing Blind

Thursday has become our art day. By Thursday, we’ve really finished off all the work in the reading text, so it’s a great day to devote an hour or so to art.

Today we worked on the idea of contour drawing, and as part of this, the students had to engage in one of the most classic of art school exercises, blind contour drawing. The idea is simple: you just keep looking at the object you are drawing and you NEVER look at your paper or pick up your pencil. Nobody has ever produced great art this way, but it can produce great artists. It forces you to look at an object intently the way you never have before.

I picked a very simple object, a box of crayons.


Students were divided into pairs. One drew while the other watched to see if he or she was peeking at the paper or picking up the marker. The results looked remarkably little like the crayon box.


They then had the opportunity to sketch the crayon box looking both at the object and at their papers. The results this time were not bad at all.


Other than this, a perfectly ordinary day. We wrote in our journals, read a chapter in the history book, listened to some more of Island of the Blue Dolphins and had a super easy lesson today in the math series.

Homework:   (1) Write spelling words 16-20 ten times each plus a sentence for each. (2) Do “Complex Sentences” on pages 55 and 45 in the Practice book. (3) Complete the four short, easy Island of the Blue Dolphins skills sheet. (4) Do the study guide for “The Coast.” (5) Do the multiplication practice sheet. (6) Do pages 78-79 in the math book.

The word search is extra credit this week.

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