Tuesday, September 10, 2013


It was a real please to see so many parents this morning at Back-to-School Breakfast. The parents who came took advantage of the opportunity to sign up for parent conferences in November. If you couldn’t make it, please stop by the classroom sometime in the next week and sign up for your time. It’s a lot easier than having me assign a time that’s inconvenient for you.

We did some of the usual boring things on this short day, but we also did something really fun – theater class! Mr. Pratt introduced on of the classic theater games today, the machine. Here the students are creating a homework machine based on Shel Silverstein’s classic poem of the same name. It was fun!


Homework:  (1) Write spelling words 6-10 ten times each. Write a sentence for each word. (2) Do spelling jumble. (3) Do pages 33-34 and 43-44 in the Practice book. (4) Do Two Times One 2 practice sheet. (5) Do pages 60-61 in the math book.

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