Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Great Moments in Medicine

It's that time of year when we all seem to get sick more frequently, and today I woke up feeling a bit of a cold. Or maybe it's the flu. I can never get those two straight. Anyhow, I was not feeling bad enough to stay home, but not up to speed, either.

But the students were great and we had
a good day. We finished reading the "Medicine: Past and Present" selection in Open Court, and then the students did a couple flow maps to show some of what they learned. We called these "Great Moments in Medicine." Some of the best ones are still in progress, but here are a couple examples:

We went to Tech Center after recess. Mr. Abrams had the students work on autobiographies so they could learn to use the outlining mode in Microsoft Word. After lunch, we corrected homework, went to PE, and then they finished the last portion of the Unit 2 OCR test. We'll grade that tomorrow.

Home Studies
: (1) Open Court reading packet, pages 6-10. This week's quiz will include some of the words with the -el ending as a short spelling section, so study these carefully. (2) "Multiply 4-Digit Numbers," Math, pages 197-199, all problems. (3) "Write an Equation," Math, page 201.

Some students will also need to finish their flow map.

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