Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Slow and Steady

I am feeling somewhat better today, and our time seemed to go relatively quickly instead of dragging on and on. Nothing particularly special today -- more work on the "Sewed up His Heart" story, reading and writing workshop time, checking homework. All the routine stuff. But, as I've said, more than anything else it is on these routine days that students really make gains in their skills. If we did not have the special days with art and music and field trips and science experiments, school would be so boring nobody could stand it. But at the same time, those special events only take their meaning from the more routine day, like today.

Home Studies: (1) Do OCR study questions and spelling sort. Be sure to answer the comprehension questions incomplete sentences. (2) Do Sentence Chef, Storyworks, p 14. Copy the paragraph on to the white paper as well as doing it in the booklet. (3) Complete the Chapter Review in Science, page A 127. (4) Do "Estimate Products" in Math, pages 210-211, and "Model Multiplication," on page 213. Copy problems 1-5 and show all work on page 213: the rest can be answers only.

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