Thursday, January 17, 2008

Drawing Feelings

On Thursday we discussed gestures and how body language can convey emotion in a picture. The students worked in pairs. While one person demonstrated emotion through body language, the other person made a quick sketch. They then traded roles. After they had both sketched some different positions, they colored them in using crayon. We used tempura paint to create a neutral b;ck background. Students are still completing these assignments.

Today was pretty quiet day. Students went to the library. They had a quiz over the "Sewed Up His Heart" story and took a chapter test in math. We read a bit in the Science book about progression -- how ecosystems change over time in response to fire or the creation of new land by volcanic activity or the recession of a glacier. We read a short story in the Storyworks magazine and checked our homework. We went out to PE.

Home Studies: (1) Do "What Did You Think," Storyworks, page 21. Copy and complete. (2) Do the grammar worksheets on subject and object pronouns. Put all answers on a separate paper. Do not copy the sentences. (3) Find a newspaper or magazine photograph or clipping which relates to medicine. These will be placed on the Concept / Question Board. (4) Do the questions on page A 135 in Science. Copy the questions as well as answering in complete sentences. (5) Do the four math worksheets.

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