Thursday, January 10, 2008

Who Am I?

The teacher could barely talk today, but we still had a great learning experience. After our usual Reader's Workshop time, the students reviewed plurals and posessives. They then went back over the Open Court selection and picked a major figure from medical history. They wrote a little riddle about that person and then made an illustration. You can see a couple of these "Who Am I?" posted above.

We corrected our homework and discussed the math. There will be tests tomorrow in Open Court, Math, and probably history. After lunch, we read about the different types of water ecosystems -- freshwater, saltwater, and brackish -- and the characteristics of each. We played kickball with room 17 to break up the afternoon. We ended the day with an independent work period so that students could go home with as little homework as possible.

Home Studies: (1) Do the review questions on page A 121 in Science. Students should copy these questions as well as answering in complete sentences. (2) Complete pages 11-14 in the current Open Court packet. This includes a worksheet on apostrophes and some spelling and theme connections. (3) Do the Chapter Review, page 202, in Math. Students should copy the questions and show all work in number 4-23. (4) Do the Cumulative Review on page 203 of Math.

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