Wednesday, January 16, 2008

New Year's Resolution

A bit of a belated New Year's resolution -- I will be better not only about getting grades on the gradebook but emailing results to parents as they happen. I am adding a new category to the gradebook too: homework. While I am ambivalent about how much to stress homework I am a little troubled by the sense that a few of our students have that they are not quite accountable. So while homework contributes does not directly affect the grade is most cases, consistent problems in doing homework usually indicate problems. So please keep this in mind. One day now or then with incomplete homework is not a problem. Not having the homework completed every day means a lack of seriousness in studies.

Home Studies: (1) Do the Open Court packet including the crossword puzzle, the wordsearch, and the Drawing Conclusions worksheet. (2) Do the Adding Fractions and Multiplication worksheet. (3) Do the History review sheet and map exercise.

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