Thursday, January 17, 2008

Science Text, Science Test

As you can see from the pictures above, we had a Science test today. There is way too much content in the Science text for students to be expected to remember each word or detail, so we concentrate on getting the over all idea as we read and discuss or do hands-on activities. The tests are designed to be review activities and to help the students develop their reading skills with complex non-fiction texts. That's why all the tests are "open book."

They do, however, take a while to grade, wonderful as they are....

Home Studies: (1) Do the "Authors Purpose" worksheet. (2) Do a multi-flow map of "Sewed Up his Heart". (3) Do the Growth of the Ranchos and Rancho San Miguel worksheets. (4) "Solve a Simpler Problem," Math, page 215 and "Chapter Review" and "Cumulative Review," Math, pages 216-217.

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