Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Today we had our first theater class with Mr. Pratt. It was a lot of fun, and the students who were here last year remembered the concepts and vocabulary well!


They worked on pantomime skills today. They told stories through movement. First, they decided what gesture and other movements would convey the story. 


They then “told” their story to a partner, and selected students performed for the whole class.


Other than that, a pretty normal day. We checked, corrected, and discuss homework. We talked about how to round numbers, and why rounding is such an important skill. I am astonished right now at how closely the fifth and fourth grade math work together! Fourth graders learned about latitude and longitude, and fifth graders explored the ideas of customs and traditions in societies. 

Homework:  (1) Do spelling words 11-15. (2) Do the spelling crossword. (3) Do "Sequencing Events" and "Matching Antonyms” skill sheets.  (4) Fourth grade math:  Do pages 24-25 and “Animal Speeds.” Fifth grade math:  Do page 25-27 and “Puzzle Squares.” (5) Do Addition with Regrouping practice Sheets. (6) Fourth grade social studies:  Finish “Regions of California” and "Latitude and Longitude.” Fifth grade social studies:  Finish two paragraph essay on modern American and Native American Customs. 

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