Monday, August 25, 2014

Further Science Adventures

First of all, let me again thank you for the great turn out on Thursday. Parental support is key to educational success. And one of the easiest ways you can support our program is by joining the PTA. Right now room 19 has one of the highest numbers of PTA signups in the school. But if we are number one we can get a cupcake party. I think it’s doable. Look at how far we’ve come. 


Today we continued our Science adventures. Fifth graders are starting on chemistry, particularly looking at mixtures and solutions. Today we mixed various things with water, and then used both a mesh filter and a paper filter to try to separate them. 



Fourth graders measured the growth of the plants in their terrariums. It was not all that much today, but in a couple days you’ll see a lot!


Homework:  (1) Write sentences for spelling words 1-5. Cursive is optional this week. (2) Do the spelling jumble. (3) Do the Holes study questions for chapters 17-19. (4) Do the “Making Inferences” study sheet. (5) Subtraction worksheet. (6) Fourth grade math:  Do pages 29-31. Just find the exact answer and do not worry about the different and often incomprehensible strategies. Also do “Mental Puzzles” on the back of the answer sheet. Fifth grade math:  Do pages 30-32 and “A Good Cause”. (7) Fifth graders also need to do the questions on page 7 of the Science book. They should copy the questions as well as answering them. This should be done in their Science notebook. 

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