Thursday, August 14, 2014

Talking About Math

There are some good things about the new Common Core State State Standards. One of them is the emphasis on having students not only reason mathematically, but also be able to articulate and defend their mathematical reasoning. Here in room 19 we’re working hard on this. Every day, the students begin math with a reasonably challenging problem designed to help them learn a new concept or skill. They work on the problem with their groups, and then I choose a group at random to come up and explain the problem and how they solved it. Fourth graders, of course, work on fourth grade problem, and fifth graders on fifth grade problem, but  they all find exposure to the other’s grade’s work interesting. Here are some fifth graders explaining different ways of representing rational numbers - as decimals, fractions, and visually.


Homework:  (1) Do Holes study guide for chapters 5 and 6. (2) Do the two skills sheets for Holes. (3) Finish the final draft of the descriptive paragraph. (4) Do the Addition with Regrouping practice sheet. (5) In the fourth grade math book, do pages 11-13 and “Follow the Leader”; in the fifth grade math book, do pages 10-11 and “Relay Races”.

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