Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Students will have the opportunity soon to become involved in the orchestra program. It is a great opportunity, but it is a decision that students and parents need to consider carefully. Orchestra is not only a commitment of 30-45 minutes on Tuesdays for class, but also a commitment to practice daily for 15-30 minutes. That may not seem like a lot, but for many students it is just one thing too many. But, for the students who can make that commitment, the ability to play an orchestral instrument and to start playing in an ensemble is just fantastic. 

Our students went to an assembly today where Mr. Mason, our district instrumental music teacher, explained all of this. 


Other than that, a pretty normal Tuesday. Fourth graders continue to be excited by how quickly their plants are growing, and they are getting pretty skilled with metric measurement, too!



Homework:  (1) Write sentences for spelling words 6-10. Cursive is optional this week. (2) Do the spelling crossword puzzle. (3) Do the Holes study sheet. (4) Fourth grade math:  Do pages 32-33, odd numbers only, plus “Canyon Trip”. Fifth grade math:  Do pages 35-36, odd numbers only, plus “Find a Rule”. (5) Do the Subtraction with Zeros practice paper. 

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