Friday, August 22, 2014

Science and More

Today we had a number of new things. Our fifth graders went to Physical Education with Mrs. Skagg’s class this morning, and apparently Coach Angel gave them a really good workout! Way to go, Coach! While they were doing that, I was working with the fourth graders to help them get ready for their Science class later in the morning. 

We also had our first music class today. Our new music teacher is Mrs. Ashley Phiri. The “h” in her last name is silently, so it sounds like “PEER-ee.” She hails originally from Louisiana, and she taught the students a Cajun song this morning. This helped them learn the Curwen hand signs for “doh”, “me”, and “soh”. I have a feeling this song may also turn into a round or canon later on, too. 


She worked with the students to help them hear and reproduce some pretty complicated rhythmic patterns. I have a feeling that our 12 weeks of music this year are going to be kind of amazing. 


We also started Science today with both grade levels. Fifth grade students are going to be studying mixtures and solutions first. They started today by observing gravel, sand, a diatomaceous earth. Monday we will be adding water to it and straining these substances.


In fourth grade science, we started on our Environments unit. As part of this, the students will be making terrariums. In a couple weeks, they will be adding isopods and beetles to these environments. 


We also checked, corrected, and discussed all our homework. We took the math quiz and the spelling test. In fact, we were so busy we actually ran out of time to do math.

Homework:  Fifth grade has nothing. Fourth graders have a few Science study questions that we did not quite finish in class. 

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