Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Scenes from Friday’s Field Trip

As promised, here are some shots from Friday’s Field Trip, all thanks to Debbie Hill, room mother extraordinaire.

We narrowly missed the bus we planned to take downtown, but even waiting for the next one was fun for the students. After all, it beat taking a spelling test!


The students were excited to enter the subway station at Wilshire and Western. And, of course, they had to pose the moment they saw a camera.


Despite living in New York in the past, many our adult chaperones were newbies to transit in Los Angeles. But they figured our how to get a TAP card pretty fast.


After exiting the subway at Union Station downtown, we paused to get a quick class portrait before beginning our visit to El Pueblo de Los Angeles State Historic Park, more commonly known as Olvera Street.


Our class was not scheduled to have our tour until 11:00, so the students had time to go shopping at the many puestos or stalls in the area. Despite their youth, our students are already accomplished shoppers.


Finally, the time for our tour came. We had two excellent docents who showed us around and explained the early history of Los Angeles, Here we are by the statue of King Carlos, the monarch who authorized the settlement of Alta California.


Of course, after a hard day of touring, students are ready for lunch!


Homework:  (1) Write all spelling words 2 times in cursive. Write sentences for words 11-15. (2) Do the “Two Times Two 3” worksheet.

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