Tuesday, October 16, 2012

“Making a Difference”

We started out today in Tech Center where the students did some online research using the special reference materials of the LAUSD Digital Library. The students picked out a person last Friday who seems to have “made a difference” in the life of a community or the country. “Making a Difference” is the theme of this Treasures reading unit. Returning to the classroom, we checked, corrected, and discussed our homework. We also read in the Treasures book about Rudy Garcia-Tolson, an amazing athlete whose legs were amputated at the age of 5!

We worked in math on the order of operations some more, and the students seem to love the classic mnemonic, “Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally.” Fourth graders love to speculate about just what Aunt Sally did. We did an art activity based on Island of the Blue Dolphin and we did reading buddies with our new first-grade friends in room 36.

Homework:  (1)Write all spelling words 2 times in cursive. Write sentences for words 6-10. (2) Do “Parts of a Book” on page 99 and “Idioms” on page 101 of the Practice Book. (3) Do the “What’s X?” worksheet. (4) Do “Simplifying Expressions” on page 124-125 of the math book and “Order of Operations" on the back of the answer sheet.

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