Monday, October 08, 2012

Rushed … but Good

To be honest, the teacher could have been more prepared for class today, but somehow everything still went smoothly. I guess that doing this for 25 years comes in handy sometimes.

We began with our journals as usual. Students wrote about their weekends, and they were given the option to make something up if their weekends had been dull. A couple did, and the results were hilarious when we shared them. We corrected and discuss the math and science work from Friday. We went over the vocabulary and spelling for the week and read a brief story from the Treasures book.

Students went to Mr. Pratt for history and social studies and the students from room 18 came here. In the afternoon, we listened to a couple chapters from Island of the Blue Dolphins including the best written – but saddest – in the book, the chapter where Rontu dies.

There wasn’t much new content to learn in math, so students had abundant time to get started on their homework.

Homework:  (1) Write all spelling words twice in cursive. Write sentences in cursive for words 1-5. (2) Do “Digraphs” page 82, “Vocabulary” page 83 and “Author’s Purpose” page 84 in the Practice Book. (3) Do “Greater Numbers” pages 106-107 in the math book and “The ‘Key’ to Multiplication” on the back of the answer sheet. (4) Do the “Four times One” math worksheet.

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