Wednesday, August 29, 2012

We’re Melting!

Today was just too hot! We all felt like we were melting.

We worked on descriptive writing and on subject and predicate first thing, and then we read and discussed an informational article about the origins of The Arabian Nights. This was paired with our story of “Ali Baba Bernstein”. Some of the students left for CELDT testing, so I gave those who remained the opportunity to start on the reading review questions.

Our students went to Mr. Pratt for History where they learned more about reading maps and the different areas of California. After lunch recess, they listened to a really great chapter from Island of the Blue Dolphins and they practiced their food chants in music. They’ll be performing those tomorrow, and I will put a few of the best on the blog.

Students went to Mixing, and we worked on identifying too much or too little information in math problems.

Homework:  (1) Study spelling. Test is tomorrow. (2) Do the cursive  worksheets to practice O and P. (3) Do pages 30, 31, and 32 in the Practice Book. (4) Finish the review questions for “Ali Baba Bernstein.” All the material that will be on tomorrow’s quiz is on this review sheet. (5) Do the final subtraction with regrouping. (6) Do “Too Much, Too Little” on pages 34-35 of the Math book.

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