Friday, August 17, 2012

Double the Fun

Today with our Thinking Maps we focused on the Double Bubble Map. This is an updated version of Venn Diagrams used to indicate similarities and differences. We began by having a class discussion comparing and contrasting two favorite foods:


After this, the students did their own double bubble maps comparing themselves and a friend. They wrote rough and final drafts of “My Friend and I”.

After recess, we finished the art project that we had started yesterday. The final results of the gesture drawing were pretty impressive!


In the afternoon, we listened to another chapter of Island, and studied comparing and ordering larger numbers in math. Students were given a lot of time to finish any assignments.

Homework:  There really shouldn’t be any. But a few people are still finishing up the math and the Island of the Blue Dolphins study sheet.  The math pages were 11-13.

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