Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

What a great day!

We started out reviewing homophones. After that, we checked and corrected our math homework. In our work with Thinking Maps, we reviewed the Circle Map and then went on to look at the Bubble Map. The Bubble Map is used for description. The students wrote rough and final drafts of a paragraph about “My Character.”

After recess, we started on another art project. We’ll use this time starting next week for Science and Social Studies and we will be working jointly with room 18 on these areas. Our work today – which we will finish tomorrow – was on gesture. The students studied some artists’ work here. They then posed for each other and drew quick line sketches.



At 11:00, when second recess was over, we went out and played kickball with room 18. We’ll start regular PE next week. I hope it is a little cooler then!

In the afternoon, we read another chapter of Island of the Blue Dolphins. We did some activities to develop the ideas of beat and meter in music. And, in math, we looked at the millions place.

Homework:  (1) Do the letter E and letter F cursive review sheets. Letters should be written 9 more times, sentences 5 more time. (2) Do the Island of the Blue Dolphins study sheet. Please put answers on a separate sheet of paper. (3) Do “Millions” on pages 8-9 of the math book, and “Puzzling Place Values” on the back of the answer sheet. There is a mistake in page numbers on the answer sheet; the students were told to correct it. (4) Practice the multiplication and division facts on the sheet. Remember, this is the same paper that will be given as a quiz on Friday.

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