Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mock Rocks

Today we did a couple really fun things – in addition to the usual stuff.

We started working in Science groups today and we did our first science investigation. We worked with “mock rocks.” A mock rock, as seen below is a fake rock that helps that students to understand what rocks are.

IMG_1440_edited-1Today the students worked in groups to examine each mock rock. The observed it and carefully drew it. They measured its diameter, circumference, and depth in centimeters and they used scales to measure its mass in grams.


Tomorrow they will be breaking the mock rock up for further examination and dissolving some of its pieces in water to help determine what it is made of.

Another fun thing we did today was to start on Hands-on Equations. This program helps introduce Algebra concepts and procedures in an age-appropriate way to students. They use pieces that look like pawns from a chess board to represent “x” and they use number cubes. They are placed on either side of balance. The balance imagery helps them to understand that what they do to one side of an equation they need to do to the other side as well.


We also read selections from the Treasures book and from Island of the Blue Dolphins. The students worked some more on identifying complete sentences and fragments. They also took a math test. We will grade that tomorrow.

Homework:  (1) Study the spelling list. (2) Do the letter I and letter J cursive review papers. (3) Do “Short Vowels” on page 17 and “Sentences” on page 18 of the Practice Book. (4) Do Island of the Blue Dolphins chapter six study sheet. (5) Do the “Addition with Regrouping” worksheet.  Since we had a test today, there is no homework from the math book.

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