Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Computerwise Kids

Today was our first day in the Tech Center. We have a new teacher there this year, Mr. Riko. He works for a company called “Computerwise Kids” that Friends of Third hired to run the computer lab. He was quite amiable and kept the class focused on learning skills. I think it will be a great year in Tech Center.


Other than that, a pretty ordinary day. We worked in our journals, read a story called “My Diary from Here to There” from the Treasures reading book, and worked on making lists as a problem-solving strategy in math.

Homework:  (1) Study the spelling list. (2) Do the letter G and letter H cursive review papers. (3) Do “Making Inferences” on page 11 and “Time Lines” on page 14 of the Practice Book. Skip pages 12 and13. (4) Do Island of the Blue Dolphins chapter five study sheet. (5) Do the “Addition with Regrouping” worksheet. (5) Do “Making an Organized List” on pages 16-17  and “Test Prep” on pages 18-19 of the math book. Also do "Separate the Dogs" on the back of the answer sheet. There will be a math test tomorrow.

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