Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Shooting By!

Tuesdays are always a pretty quick day, and now with Mr. Lawton's class as a regular feature of our Tuesdays they just shoot straight by! We began by checking our homework. We continued by reading and discussing "The Bridge Dancers" in the reading book. This is a somewhat strange story. It's in the reader to introduce the idea of herbal or folk medicine to the students. They seem to like it more than I do because it does have a sense of drama in it and two fairly well-drawn characters. I'm just not sure of the message....

Students went to Mr. Lawton and after reading. We have second recess on days when they have their music class. After recess, they went to Mr. Pratt for history and drama. In math we are closing our short geometry unit. They will have a test on Thursday.

Homework:  (1) Write spelling words 6-10 ten times each in cursive. (2) Do the Scramble and the Theme Connection - this is for last week's story, "Medicine:  Past and Present". (3) Do the division practice sheet. (4) Do "Views of Solids", envision Math pages 212-213. (Note that the page numbers written on the answer sheet are wrong and refer to yesterday's assignment.)

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