Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ordinary Day

It was a pretty ordinary Wednesday, but a good one. We began our day, as we usually do, checking, correcting and discussing our homework. After this, we went on to read the story "Sewed Up His Heart!" using our reading strategies. Student wrote predictions, questions, and connections on post-it notes while they read. We do this to show how good readers often annotate the texts they read while not, of course, having them actually write in a book which belongs to the school. We went to Tech Center as we usually do on Wednesdays.

After recess, we worked on Science. The students were challenged to discover how to make a light and light using a couple wires and a D cell battery. This helped them to figure out the idea of a circuit.

They were then challenged to use the D cell to make a motor run and to add a switch to the circuit.

We started reading Oliver! after lunch. The students have been working on some of the songs from this show with Mr. Pratt, and we will be also doing this regularly each day after lunch from now on. At PE, the students did various rotations with the three different teachers. When they came to me, they worked on dribbling skills. During math, we worked on the different types of quadrilaterals. This is one of the trickier plane geometry concepts. Students like to think of parallelograms, rectangles, and squares and different shapes, and have trouble seeing that a square is also a rectangle, a rhombus, and a parallelogram.

Homework:  (1) Write spelling words 6-10 ten times each in cursive and also write one sentences for each in cursive. (2) Do the "Edison Sees the Light" questions. Be sure to actually use the Science Resources text and not try to do these from memory. (3) Do "Quadrilaterals," pages 202-203 in the envision Math book. Also do "Doodles" on the back. Be as specific as possible and name the different types of triangles and quadrilaterals precisely. (4) Do the "Multiplication Practice" worksheet. Again, be sure to show all answers.

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