Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fast Day!

My apologies for not keeping up last week. Unfortunately, the district has put so many pointless blocks on outside accounts that it is not always easy to get connected to Blogger at school to actually be able to post what we have done and our homework. In a day when so many students are walking around with smart phones connected to the Internet, I am not sure who is being protected here.

Our three day weekend was a nice little break for us, particularly since we had such fine weather. I was lucky enough to get away to San Diego with the dogs. I know that a couple of our students were also able to have a little escape, too. But with the shortened schedule and the music class, the day clipped by pretty fast!

Our day began with checking our homework from Friday, and we particularly discussed the polygon page from Math. Our next story in Open Court Reading is called "Sewed Up His Heart!". It is the story of Daniel Hale Williams, the African-American surgeon who conducted the first surgery on the human heart. There is a lot of medical vocabulary with this story, and the students worked on the Word Knowledge and Vocabulary page here. A few will need to finish this in addition to any other homework.

We then went to Music with Mr. Lawton. This week he focused on rhythm with the students. They have a homework assignment from him tonight as part of their work.

In math, we looked at Triangles. This is review for most of the students, and mostly is about learning the names for the different types of triangles. This will also be part of the spelling for the week.

Homework:  (1) Write spelling words 1-5 ten times each in cursive, plus writing one sentence for each. The sentence should also be in cursive. (2) Do pages 200-201 in the math book. (3) Do the Multiplication practice sheet. Again, be sure to show all work. (4) Do the Science questions. (5) Do the rhythm worksheet for Mr. Lawton.

As mentioned before, a few students will also need to finish the Word Knowledge and Vocabulary.

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