Monday, January 10, 2011

Back Again!

 It wasn't easy getting up early again this morning, but I think everybody was happy to be back in room 19. We had a couple changes in the class:  Ralf's family moved back to Estonia; Serim went to the KDLP class; and we welcomed Miri to our class. We were happy to welcome back Miss C from maternity leave.

We started on a new unit in Reading called "Mystery to Medicine". There is one of the more interesting themes in the Open Court series, though the vocabulary for the first story is pretty tough. We took our spelling this week from those words. We started our Writer's Workshop today.

Our students went to room 7 for history and drama today. I worked with the students from that class on static electricity and making electrical circuits. Room 19 students will be doing these experiments next week.

We read a little more from James and the Giant Peach. We went out for some easy PE. In Math, we worked on multiple step problems. We'll have our test on Topic 7 tomorrow.

Homework:  (1) Finish putting concept and question on the word cards. Be sure to write the words large and dark and also to provide a color illustration. (2) Write spelling words 1-5 in cursive 10 times. Also write a sentence for each word. (3) Do "Multiple Step Problems," pages 182-183. Also do "Test Prep" on pages 186-187. Both of these are in the math book. Do "Graphing Sales" on the back. (4) Also do the multiplication practice worksheet..

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