Friday, January 28, 2011


Today we did a good bit of practicing for the play. But more on that later.

First we corrected and discussed the Topic 8 Test and the Topic 7 test. Since there are a couple new students in the class, let me explain again that I give students two chances at each math test. After we finish the unit, we take for A of the test and move on to the next unit. Students should take their tests home and review it with their parents. They can get additional practice on their weak areas by looking at the soft cover math workbook. Then, when we finish the next unit, the students will get a "second bite at the apple" by taking form B of the test for the previous unit. They get whichever score is higher.

After recess, we went to the auditorium where Mr. Pratt blocked the first three scenes of Oliver! including the opening "Food, Glorious Food" song. In the picture below, you can see the orphans in the workhouse eating their gruel while they dream of " sausage and mustard."

After lunch, we had PE. Today, since room 7 was busy working on an art project - actually they were finishing the mission pictures that we did so beautifully yesterday - we just played kickball with room 17. It was fun for the kids.

In math, we are starting the fraction unit. This will be easy at first but get difficult when we come to reducing to simplest form.

Homework:  The only homework tonight is to finish the math pages for lesson 9-1 in the math book.

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