Monday, October 04, 2010

Weather or Not, Here We Come!

Gosh, a week ago we were sweltering under the highest temperatures ever recorded in Los Angeles. Today, we had rainy day schedule. Who says we don't have weather in LA?

Today, we did a couple other unusual things. First of all, shortly after school began, we went to the auditorium for speeches for student council. Four of our students were running and I tried to take pictures of all of them. I'm still learning in the ins and outs of the iPhone as a camera, however, so one of them was just hopelessly blurry. Sorry. I wish I could have recorded the speeches because they were wonderful. And the oversized pencil and eraser, well, you just had to have been there.

Today marked the beginning of the CELDT (California English Language Development Test) administration. Only a few of our students are taking the test, but the rest of them had to be quiet while I gave it. They did a wonderful job of this, of course. We'll be doing this after recess for much of this week.

We watched a movie during lunch - which lasts a little longer than usual on rainy days because teacher share watching adjoining classrooms - and we skipped PE. So the students had an opportunity to begin the homework a little bit early, and many of them finished before the final bell. 

Homework:  (1) Do "Jemison" vocabulary sheet. (2) Do Problem Solving and Topic Review pages, envision Math, pp 44-49. (3) Do cursive practice. (4) Do sentences for spelling words 1-10.

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