Friday, October 08, 2010

Not too Demanding

We started the day with student council elections. We had seven highly qualified candidates running, but unfortunately we could only elect two representatives and one alternate. So, congratulations to Eli and Sally, our representatives, and to Nurjannah, our alternate. And thanks to everybody for running. Here is the entire group of fabulous candidates:

After the election, we went to library as we usually do on Friday.

We took our spelling test and the results are on the gradebook already. We also took the "Mae Jemison" quiz, but the results of that will take me a while to grade.

We had PE early today. Our students rotated among the three teachers as usual. While they were with me, the students practiced - and we assessed - on some simple hurdling.

After lunch, we corrected our math and did the next lesson which, to their delight, was unbelievably easy. We then went to the auditorium where we had a special music lesson with Mr. Lawton. We are helping him with some research for his Master's thesis.

The students did a wonderful lesson which asked them to improvise music to the telling of a simple story about a rainy day.

We left from the auditorium. It was a very pleasant day, not too demanding at all, for both teacher and students.

Homework:  (1) Do "Properties of Multiplication," envision Math, pages 62-63. (2) Complete the packet of stories for the Introducing ... Me!"    book. Since the students have had a lot of time to work on this, Monday is the final day to turn it in. I will not accept this one late.

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