Friday, October 01, 2010

Fantastic Friday

We started out today with our second trip to the library. Even our new students are mastering the routines there well and I am really impressed by how carefully they are choosing their books.

Returning to the classroom, we took our quiz over the story "Sarah, Plain and Tall". I have not had an opportunity to grade it yet, but I suspect they did quite well. We also took and corrected our spelling test. Most students did excellent work on that.

We concluded our work with the isopods today by adding them to the terrariums. The students had fun with that, as you can imagine.  This did not take the full science period, so they had time to start on their science homework.

We worked a little more in music on body percussion and rhythmic speech. We did this before and after recess. We had "free choice" for PE today because Mrs. Caruso was unable to join us for our usual rotations and groups. They students enjoyed that, as you can guess.

Homework:  (1) Finish the Deserts and Rain Forests tree map and double bubble map. We started this during the science block. (2) Do "Subtracting Across Zeroes," envision Math, pages 42-43.

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