Monday, April 21, 2014

3 D

Welcome back! We started today by sharing our Spring Break experiences. Some of our students had a perfectly fabulous time. I’m deeply jealous of one trip to a resort in Mexico. Other students stayed home but still mostly enjoyed a few days off. For those of us who did not have the perfect spring breaks, we started by describing the one we wish we’d had in our journals. We shared these with each other and the class. After that, we read and discussed “The Rouge Out-Rogued,” chapter 10 of By the Great Horn Spoon! It was a fun chapter. 

After recess, we read about the growth of agriculture in the years after the advent of the transcontinental railroad and the creation by the dastardly Big Four of the Southern Pacific Railroad. Students were outraged by their treatment of the farmers at Mussel Slough. 

We are going to be starting a look at volume soon in math, so I wanted them to start looking at the world three dimensionally. So we did an art activity to help them do that. The students had to pick any object in the room and look at it from different angles. This student picked the clock and had fun trying to see it from the bottom.


After looking, they drew three views of the object. This student, for example, did a stapler from the side, the top, and the front. 


We will be starting our spring testing soon. We are technically having a “field test” this year with all new test materials and an online format for testing (not sure how well that will really work). Even though these scores will not be reported to families, we would like our students here to do as well as they possibly can. So we spent our last hour of the day doing an old CST math practice test as a review for it.

Homework:  (1) Do the chapter 10 study sheet for Horn Spoon. (2) Write five simple sentences and five compound sentences. This is a review - we will be starting to look at complex sentences tomorrow. (3) Do More What’s X? 1. (4) Do Exponents 1. 

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