Thursday, April 03, 2014

Open House Today

We started out this morning with a variety independent work time activities. The one the students liked the best was creating word searches of their own out of their spelling words. The ones they made were WAY HARDER than the ones I make for them. They exchanged them later in the morning and tried to solve. Of course, words written on the diagonal BACKWARDS were hard to find!


In Science, we practiced identifying minerals again. We are looking at the different minerals which make up granite. The students did a remarkably well in identifying feldspar, hornblende, and mica as well as figuring out which one was actually the granite.


I hope to see many of you at Open House this evening. Upper grade visitations are from 6:00 to 7:00.

Homework:  (1) Do the final What’s X practice sheet for the week. (2) Do Guided and Independent Practice on pages 444-445 in the math book as well as Test Prep on 438-439. The answer sheet has the wrong page numbers, alas. 

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