Monday, April 07, 2014

Granite and Railroads

Our day started with some independent work from our Treasures book. It’s interesting for me as a teacher to discover just how much of this material they can master on their own! Maybe that is because it is easy; more likely we just have a lot of smart kids in room 19. So we went on to reading and discussing chapter 7 of by The Great Horn Spoon! 


After recess, we figured out what minerals make up granite. The students figured out that they could eliminate calcite as a possibility if they used the acid test - soaked it in vinegar and looked for evidence of bubbling. 


In History, we started our look at the great Transcontinental Railroad. The students learned not only about the making of the railroad, but also about how it tied into the civil war. Notice that none of the route even come close to the Confederacy.


And as always, they were disappointed to learn that the golden spike is now in a museum and not some place where they can dig it up and get rich quick!


Homework:  (1) Do pages 338-340 in the Practice book. (2) Do Great Horn Spoon chapter 7 study sheet. (3) Do "Linking East to West" study guide. Also do the crossword puzzle in the California history newspaper. (4) Do “Finding Combinations" on 452-453 of the math book. (5) Do the Ratio and Percentage sheet. 

The Egg Drop is Thursdays. This is NOT an optional activity. 

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