Friday, October 25, 2013

Under Water

Fridays are a little busy. We always have a writing assessment, a reading assessment, a math assessment, and a spelling test. Sometimes we have more than that! And getting all those papers passed out, passed in, graded, recorded … well, you can begin to feel a little overwhelmed!

But we also had fun today. Since two of the classes were on a field trip and another was at an assembly, we had Coach Angel all to ourselves for PE. And this was fun for the students as they played a cool variation on dodge ball.



We also finished the day with art. The students are starting a unit on shapes. We talked about the difference between geometric shapes and organic shapes. Since we have been doing a lot with fish lately, it seemed only appropriate to create an underwater scene to practice our organic shapes. The students used wet-paper watercolor as a medium here.




Homework:  Finish the math book math on pages 236-237.

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