Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Two Days Today

A bit rushed yesterday afternoon, so no post. So, as the title suggests, we’ll do two days today.

Yesterday we began in Tech Center. Many of the students are close to completing their Prezis, and a couple are already done. They look great! Mr. Riko will be saving these is .pdfs so the students can show off their great work.

in theater class, Mr. Pratt began working with students on a final theater project that’s just perfect for fourth grade – putting on a melodrama! He began by explaining to them about the “science” of nineteenth-century acting. This overwrought style was the work of a Monsieur Delsarte.


He went on to have the students learn the different parts of the stage like “down stage right” and “up stage left.” The students had to waddle like penguins in a group from one area to another as he called it out! It was funny!


Finally, he gave them the plot of their melodrama. The students split up into groups and picked roles. One of the favorite roles was that of the villain telling the poor old people, “But you must pay the mortgage” with that wicked laugh. Hah, hah, hah!


Today we began the day with a writing exercise where the students had to write down that same story using correct dialogue form. They had a chance to volunteer to get up and read their version of the story with all the different voices after we finished. It was fun! The students also had a chance to watch the first part of Annie in the late afternoon. That will be our spring musical this year, and we will be starting to learn the songs soon!


Homework:  (1) Write spelling words 11-15 ten times each and write a sentence for each word. (2) Do the spelling crossword. (3) Do page 125 in the Practice book. (4) Do the social studies review sheet. This is the most important of the assignments as we will have a test on chapter 2 Friday and the students can use this paper to help them on the test! (5) Do Equivalent Fractions 3 practice sheet. (6) Do Problem Solving, pages 243-244 and Test Prep on 246-247 in the math book. There will be a math test tomorrow after we review the chapter.

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