Thursday, October 03, 2013

Crazy Hair and Flowing Lines

We began the day today by having the students write a letter in their journals to a famous person, either living or dead. Many, like this one, were really good.

Dear Albert Einstein,

You are very smart. Your world-famous theory is E=MC2. What does that mean? What other theories did you discover. In your early life, what did you do? I heard that you played the violin. Were you good at playing it? In your lab, did you work with chemicals, or was it you a marker and a whiteboard? Why would I ask you these questions? Because you’re my favorite scientist. Not Marie Curie, Not Ben Franklin, not Charles Darwin, nor Leonard da Vinci. You’re mankind’s most famous scientist.


PS:  Your hair is always messed up.

PPS: Comb your hair!

Thursday is art day. We have been studying lines, and today’s lesson was about flowing lines. These are typical of Asian paper and ink drawing and scrolls, and after viewing some examples and discussing them, the students were challenged to paint portraits in watercolor without attempting to draw them first in pencil. This was hard, but some students did beautifully.



We did have one picture of Albert Einstein and his hair….


The rest of the day was devoted to some of the usual things. At PE, during the Mixing block, I am working on overhead throw. Here the students are attempting to clear the marker of the cones while demonstrating good form.


Homework:  (1) Write spelling words 16-20 ten times as well as a sentence for each one. (2) Do pages 79-80 in the Practice book. (3) Do the Brother Martin study guide. The students will be able to use this on their test tomorrow. (4) Do the Rain Forest comprehension questions. (5) On the Two by Two 4 multiplication practice sheet, do odd numbers only. (6) Do pages 160-161 in the math book. Note that these are estimation questions.

The word search is extra credit.

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