Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wondrous Wednesday

We had a really great day. Wednesdays give us an appealing day of Tech Center, Social Studies with Mr. Pratt, and mixing in the afternoon.

In our 6+1 Traits writing program we are turning our attention from the trait of ideas to that of organization. The students rewrote the rubric or scoring guide into kid-friendly language, and they're now using that to create posters. Here are a couple early examples:

In Tech Center, the student continued our work on the Abraham Lincoln exercise. The students not only learned to use the online version of World Book with this, but they wrote the paper in MS Word and learned to insert an image as a background.

Homework:  (1) Do “Using Mental Math,” pages 92-93 in the math book and “Block Party” on the back of the answer sheet. (2) Write sentences for EACH of the 20 spelling and vocabulary words. (3) Make a chart for transition/sequence words in Brother Martin. Copy the words and page numbers. (4) Do Two Digit Multiplication 3 worksheet.

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