Tuesday, March 15, 2011

They're Playing our Song!

A very quiet, orderly, and productive day in room 19. We checked, corrected, and discussed our homework. I was really pleased that every single student had finished every piece of homework today. That doesn't always happen for a variety of reasons, good and bad. We read and discussed another chapter of By the Great Horn Spoon! We read a chapter in the Science text about how electromagnets are used in simple motors, doorbells, and in speakers. We also talked about how electromagnetism is used to create electricity, too. In math we talked about converting words into equations. That's not always the easiest of skills for fourth graders, but our students did quite admirably at it.

In Music, Mr. Lawton went over some of the best songs that the students have composed in the last couple weeks. In particular, the students had the pleasure today of hearing their songs played back to them on by the Sibelius computer program. It was fun for them to see the written notation on the screen and watch the cursor as it passed over the notes and produced a ethereal vocal sound.

Homework:  (1) Write the spelling words 10 times each and write a sentence for each one. The words are elated, petrified, peering, elegant,  and exaggerated. (2) Do the study questions for chapter ten of By the Great Horn Spoon! (3) Do pages 325-327 in the math book. Also do "Symbol Acrobatics" on the back of the answer sheet. (4) Do the “Equivalent Fractions” and “Adding and Subtracting Fractions” worksheet.

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