Monday, March 28, 2011

American Experience

It's been a couple busy days in room 19, so I apologize for a couple days without posting. The Concert in the Park event went really well, even if the rain-soaked ground forced it to be held in the auditorium, and our students received warm applause from everyone present.

Today we went over the math classwork from Friday - which was the closest we had to homework for the weekend - and that has been corrected and put in the gradebook. We also read another chapter from By the Great Horn Spoon! In the chapter today, Praiseworthy and Jack save Cut Eye Higgins from the gallows and make a very exciting discovery. We started to watch an episode from the PBS American Experience series on the gold rush. It's a really good film, though one not particularly designed for young viewers. I prepared a study guide to help them focus on the major points and significant details in the film, and they did quite well with it. We'll watch about 30 minutes of this each day this week.

After recess, we went to the auditorium where Mr. Pratt blocked the climactic last scenes of Oliver! It went really well, even if it was not always fascinating for the chorus members. We had Physical Education as usual after lunch, and in math we are turning our attention to mastering the metric system.

Homework:  (1) Write spelling words ten times each in cursive and write a sentence for each word. The words are festivities, cantankerous, heinous, exuberance, dispatch, savor, and interfere. (2) Do the study sheet for chapter 16 of By the Great Horn Spoon! (3) Do "Metric Measurement," pages 355-356 in the math book and "Measuring with Metric" on the back. (4) Do pages 24-28 in California Content Standards:  Practice and Mastery book. You may mark in the book.

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