Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Last Chapter

Summer seemed like it was peeking out today with temperatures back in the upper 70's and so much sunshine! Everybody was in a good mood today in room 19.

Wednesdays are usually fast days, and today was no exception. After checking, correcting, and discussing our homework, we went on to reading the last chapter of By the Great Horn Spoon! Today Praiseworthy and Jack lost all their gold when the stern-wheeler on which they were traveling back to San Francisco exploded, but the two wily adventurers managed to earn a lot of that money back by selling cats which had been multiplying on the decks of the old Lady Wilma. And then, Aunt Arabella and Jack's sisters show up, and Praiseworthy finally gets the courage to ask a question....

In Tech Center the students continued to work in teams on their Tech Career web pages. The students are doing a variety of things here including learning to create short video blog segments and insert them onto a page. This should be great! We watched the third part of the American Experience film on the gold rush. This section dealt with the rather more troubling second phase of the gold rush when frustrated miners who failed to become rich struck out at anyone who was different, and did so with particular savagery with the Native American population. 

We did the usual activities in PE. In math we began looking at area. The students always find this a little harder to understand than perimeter, and always have problems remembering the idea that area MUST be measured in square units. Please check their homework here, if you would.

Homework:  (1) Write spelling words ten times each in cursive and write a sentence for each word. The words are constitution, delegate, stern-wheeler, opponent, wrist, and eluded. (2) Do the study sheet for chapter 18 of By the Great Horn Spoon! (3) Do "Area of Squares and Rectangles" pages 362-363 in the math book and "Perimeter Patterns" on the back. (4) Do Multiplication and Adding and Subtracting Fractions worksheets.

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