Thursday, March 10, 2011

They Could Have Danced All Day

If yesterday was off schedule, today was really that way. Most of the students had the fantastic experience of working with two experienced dance teachers in the auditorium on two of the big dance numbers for Oliver! These parents are doing amazing things with the students, and both Mr. Pratt and I are really grateful for the fantastic participation and support.

The students also had the opportunity to have a couple recesses again so that I could attend our last library aide interview. It went well, and it looks like we will have a superb person in there. But I'll let Dr. Oh give all the details about this when it is all finished. The students who did not go to the auditorium in the morning went to Tech Center where they worked on turning their tuba stories into comic strips. They also went to room 7 in the afternoon where they watched more of the movie version of Oliver!

Homework:  (1) Do the final spelling words for the week. The words are necessity,  courteous, undertaker, commutative property, and impostor. The last one was somehow misspelled on the spelling list, but I did ask them to correct it on Monday. (2) Do the Great Horn Spoon! chapter 9 study sheet. (3) Do "Equal or Not Equal" on pages 318-319 in the math book.

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