Wednesday, March 17, 2010

We’re “Found” Art

Our big event today was the visit to Third Street School of Hanoch Piven. Born in Uruguay, Mr. Piven is an Israeli citizen who is currently living in Barcelona, Spain – quite an international guy! His particular art form is making caricatures with objects. This use of often-discarded object to make art is known as “found art” and kids love it. Here is his self-portrait and then his portrait of a well-known cartoon figure.



Besides this wonderful assembly, organized by our fabulous librarian, Mrs. Koneff, we went to Tech Center, watched the second part of the Transcontinental Railroad documentary, and went out to PE. 

Also, a Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to any of my fellow Irish (my paternal grandmother was a Walsh).

Homework:  (1) Write sentences for the following vocabulary words:  listless, lulling, maneuvered, manipulate, meticulous, mystify, ominous, overwhelmed, pitch, and polluted. (2) Do “Multiplication and Division of Fractions,” envision Math, pages 307-308.

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