Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Today we started off with a a wordsearch to get us ready for the Spelling subtest of the Open Court Reading unit test.  We then checked, corrected, and discuss most of last night’s homework.

We had our last music class with Mr. Lawton today. We had some good work with the song writing assignment, and I hope to showcase some of these at Open House next month.

After recess, we watched the first part of the PBS film on the transcontinental railroad. This is not quite as interesting to kids as the Gold Rush documentary, but it has some really good sections about the lives of the Irish and Chinese workers who built the railroad itself. We’ll be continuing with this for the rest of the week.

After lunch we did a little more work on math and we had our reading buddies.

Tomorrow is the author visit from Hanoch Piven, the Israeli illustrator. It should be a fun day.

If you interested in coming along on next week’s field trip, please let me know. On walking field trips, we can always use extra people.

Homework:  (1) Write sentences for the following vocabulary words:  energetic, epidemic, fatally, feeble, germs, guilty, immunize, incision, innocent, inundated. (2) Do “Addition and Subtraction of Fractions,” envision Math, pages 303-304.

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