Monday, March 01, 2010

Mellow Monday

The day started out with a well-intentioned, but extremely dull assembly about tree planting and school beautification. Tom LaBonge, our local member of the City Council was there. He talked at length though I cannot really remember a single thing he said.

After that we went back to the classroom where we had the math test that was postponed on Friday for lack of time. The students tended to either get everything right or almost everything wrong. I have already sent home the test results by email. We will continue to work on adding and subtracting fractions for the rest of the year. Like long division, it is one of the essential fourth grade skills. We also went over Friday’s homework, and I gave the students some vocabulary work to help get them ready for this week’s story in the reader.

After recess, we finished watching the last part of the Gold Rush film. In a related vein, after lunch I started reading By the Great Horn Spoon! to the students. We practice Charlie Brown a bit, too, and we went to PE where we had some new activities to add to our rotation today. Coming back, we had math. We are starting on decimals, a topic which is usually a little easier for the students.

We ended the day with a short birthday celebration for Joshua.

Homework:  Do sentences for each of the spelling words. This is an easy list this week. (2) Do the Story Map & Double Bubble Map about “The New Doctor”. (3) Do Math pages 270-271. (4) Do the fraction worksheet.

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