Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Back to the Real World


First, a big thanks to all the parents who came with us yesterday on our trick to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. We had a perfect day for walking to and from, and there were enough docents there was one guide for every five students. And they were good, too! All in all, an excellent day.

Today was a bit more back to the real world. We did a lot of work in the morning on the Open Court Test. We’ll still have to do a bit more tomorrow on the final draft of the composition. We discussed and read about the rise of large scale commercial farming in California in the late nineteenth century; not a fascinating topic, admittedly, but an important one. After lunch, we read about how the Glen Canyon Dam altered the ecosystem of parts of the Colorado River and we discussed how equations are true or false.

Please sign the report card and get it back to me. Once I check off that it was received, I will send it home again for good. You can keep it for when they’re older: my mom gave me all my elementary report cards a few years ago, including the one from fourth grade where I got 2 well-deserved D’s in math.

Homework:  (1) Do spelling sentences for this week’s spelling words. They’re easy again. (2) Do the study questions on the “Farming Takes Hold” chapter. (3) Do “Equal” pages 318-319 in the Math book and “Connection Detection” on the back. (4) Do the “Further Fabulous Fractions” worksheet. Be sure to reduce to lowest terms. (5) Do the Science questions on page 157. Be sure to copy the questions and write in complete sentences.

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